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JamboNet Services

Jambonet™ is the provider of internet backbone services. With high tech equioment and sufficient bandwidth, Jambonet is naturally the first choice when choosing a backbone service provider.

The JamboNet Advantage

- JamboNet is based on a reliable IP infrastructure
- One stop shop
- 24 hour local customer support
- End to End managed network
- High Availability & High Reliability
- Competitively Priced
- Help to keep local traffic local
- No International multiple contracts
- All for a monthly flat rate charge

Remote Access Servers

Terminal server, modem bank, router, and authentication client integrated in one box.
Modems based on Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology for high density and software upgrades.
Constitute a significant component of ISP capital cost.
Provide the physical interface to leased lines connecting business clients and the Internet.
Responsible for finding paths (routes) between communicating hosts
Implement routing protocols (RIP, OSPF, and BGP.)

Commercial contact:

For enquiries and service application, please contact the nearest Regional Telecoms sales office or:

Manager Data Services
Capitol Hill Towers
Ground Floor
P.O. Box 56182, Nairobi
Tel: 717444 Fax: 252009


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